Skatabase Update

Results through the Grand Prix Final are up on Skatabase. Soon there will be some news regarding Skatabase (yes, it WILL still be around!)

Skatabase Update

Results through Skate Canada have been added to Skatabase!

Skatabase Updates

Results from Nebelhorn Trophy and JGP Croatia Cup have been added to Skatabase!

Skatabase Updates

All results from the 2017 JGP competitions thus far are up on Skatabase.

Skatabase Update

Results from the first Junior Grand Prix of the 2017-2018 season (JGP Brisbane) has been posted!

Skatabase Updates

Results from the first two JPG competitions have been posted!


Skatabase should be up and running for everyone. There might be some cosmetic issues, but they will be worked on over the coming days. Thanks for your patience!

Update on Skatabase

Right now Skatabase is functional but might be wonky. It will be worked on over the next several days/couple of weeks. Please be patient.

Skatabase Update Coming Soon

In the next few days, Skatabase will be updated with a new look and a new version of the database software. Most of the time, Skatabase will be functional, but sometimes it may either look strange or not be there in full. The goal is to finish as fast as…

Skatabase-Coming Soon

Skatabase will be getting a cosmetic and internal updates soon. Skatabase will be down for a while when the actual transition occurs. Also, in the coming months there will be a separate page for team event results. Results from ISU sanctioned events such as the new team Olympic event and…

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