February 19 Stories

Dance wrap-up and pre-ladies articles here. Wednesday afternoon, there will be a short round-up about the ladies short.

Spoils of gold: Davis, White enjoy whirlwind tour

Virtue, Moir stayed true to their vision

ICE STYLE…..Figure Skating Costumes Recap/Highlights of the Sochi 2014 Olympics Ice Dance Costumes!

Olympic Skater Ben Agosto Believes in Hungry Feet and Sparkly Man Diapers

Ice dancers bemoan coach allegiance

Moir says Zoueva sometimes ‘wasn’t in our corner’

Former Russian Olympians Now Call Hartford Home

Asada seeks to end on a triple high

Lipinski knows it’s tough to win at 15

Women’s title promises golden future

Gold targets 24 carat prize in Sochi

Johnny Weir is just being his out, open self

Meryl Davis and Charlie White’s gasp-inducing performance in winning ice dancing gold

Davis, White win first gold for U.S. in ice dance

Meryl Davis, Charlie White grow older and golder

Maia and Alex Shibutani overcome wardrobe malfunction in Olympic free dance

Sochi 2014: Was injured Evgeni Plushenko told to compete by Russian skating federation?

The Detroit area rules the world in ice dancing … yes, for real

Skating With a Smile, No Matter What

Accountability in figure skating a victim of judging reforms

Yevgeny Plushenko tells Russian media he will try to compete in 2018 Olympics

Canadian ice dancers Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir say coach Marina Zoueva ‘wasn’t in our corner’

Figure Skater Wins Gold Wearing A Costume Designed By Johnny Weir

Attacks against Meryl Davis, Charlie White show lack of respect

Praise pours in for U.S. ice dance champs

Frank Carroll, a familiar face, back at the Olympics once again

Frank Carroll dishes on Gracie Gold

Oh, to Bring ‘Gold’ Home, and Perhaps the Bacon

Homeschool, Barfing, and Sequins: 15 Insiders on the World of Figure Skating

‘Scary moms’ powering Japanese figure skating

Figure skating’s main Olympic event finally here

Please Judge Our Choices for Our Olympic Figure Skating Routines

Why U.S. Figure Skater Jason Brown Deserves Our Undivided Attention During the Sochi Olympics

Why Plushenko Called It Quits in Sochi

Women’s figure skating preview: Breaking down the skaters

Dainty image masks drive for perfection

Plushenko changes mind about retirement

Coomes and Buckland look to future with confidence

Why Do Figure Skaters Go to the “Kiss and Cry” to Get Their Scores?

Male figure skaters like Patrick Chan being taxed at every turn

Atlanta man designs costumes for Olympian Gracie Gold

Julia Lipnitskaia, Russian figure skating’s ‘tiny genius’

Eyes on Russian teen, odds on Korean champ in figure skating

Hard to handicap women’s figure skating field at Sochi Winter Olympics

In Sochi Ladies Figure Skating, Triple Axel Is Key

Amid Blunders on Ice, a Few Signs of Grace

Lipnitskaya Eyes Olympic Glory in Individual Figure Skating Event

A Battle for Gold and Posterity

South Korea’s Yuna Kim looks to defend gold in women’s figure skating: DiManno

‘They brought the circus to Sochi’: Weir, Lipinski rate figure skating fashion

In Figure Skating, the Second Team Shines

One last chance for U.S. skaters

RABBLE ROUSER: Olympic figure skater is charming

Local skating judge puts difficulty of Olympic Gold win in perspective

Yulia Lipnitskaya father: Mother raised teen prodigy alone and gave up everything to support daughter’s figure-skating caree

U.S. skating coach brushes off ‘little girl’ Julia Lipnitskaia

Former Olympian not looking back after successful career

See what these Olympic figure skaters look like with and without competition makeup

Koreans Await Kim Yu-na, or is it Yuna Kim?

Russia’s ‘tiny genius’ prepares to take on ‘The Queen’ for figure skating gold

Ice dancing finale leaves hurt feelings in Sochi

Lutz or Flutz? The Tricky Physics of Figure Skating

Olympics: Wagner hoping to be impressed with short program

Virtue and Moir’s silver reflects long-running momentum shift: DiManno

Koreans Send the Biggest Support to Their Hero Yuna Kim

Scoggins: Criticism undeserved; Wagner’s spot on Olympic skating team isn’t

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