February 26 Stories

Olympic wrap-up articles mainly.

Why People Think Adelina Sotnikova’s Figure Skating Gold Medal Was Rigged
Alexander Abad-Santos

Getting Up And Saying No (Part 1)

Women’s figure skating recap: Did Adelina Sotnikova beat Kim Yu-Na because of “Russiaflation?”

Meissner: Carolina Kostner comes full circle

Russia’s first lady: Sotnikova ousts Kim for gold

The Joys of NBC’s Raw, Secret, Unscripted, Boring Figure Skating Practice Cam

Mao Asada’s Awe-inspiring Performance

Dorothy Hamill: ‘I Would Have Given Gracie Gold Higher Scores’

Olympics: U.S. figure skating falls behind rest of the world

Figure skating-Gold just misses out on medal

Figure skating official: ‘I’m not hiding anything’

Women’s figure skating final: Predicting a surprise gold-medal winner

Figure Skater Gracie Gold Is America’s Darling in Sochi

Sotnikova’s golden scores fuel figure skating controversy

Our figure-skating obsession: Why America loves watching women fall

Olympic figure skating: Learning to lose with grace

Figure skating: Pretending to be an Olympian (Part 3)

Figure Skating Exhibition Gala at Sochi

Nothing Prompts Calls For Swift Action Like a Women’s Figure Skating Controversy

Figure skating, judging still draws criticism for lack of transparency

Despite poor Olympic showing, U.S. figure skating has hope

America’s best figure skaters must improve between now and 2018 if they hope to find the medal podium

Figure skater Michael Martinez arrives in Manila to warm welcome

Sotnikova’s golden scores fuel figure skating controversy

Judging System Tarnishes Gold Medal Effort

Gold just misses out on medal

South Korea protests women’s figure skating result

A shocker from figure skating judges?

South Korea protests women’s figure skating results after Adelina Sotnikova’s gold ahead of Yuna Kim

Adelina Sotnikova, Olympic figure skating champ: No apology necessary

Martinez set to compete in Juniors World Championships in Bulgaria

Ice Skating Costumes: More Than Nip Slips and Nude Illusion

The Coach Who Doesn’t Care: How One Man Turns Skaters Into Champions

A mini manifesto: The true enemy is figure skating

Three Sheets of Ice, Three Different Stories in Sochi

The Delicate Dance of Davis-White and Virtue-Moir

A Whole New Set of Questions About Adelina Sotnikova’s Allegedly Rigged Gold Medal Win

Japan Skate Heroine Hits Back at Tokyo 2020 Chief

Speak Up With Jimmy: Michelle Kwan Speaks Up for Special Olympics (VIDEO)

Despite no medal, Shibutani siblings ‘win’ by making most of Olympic experience

Olympic journey round up: figure skater Jason Brow

Hits and misses: Sochi’s best and worst moments

How ski jumping gets Olympic judging right (and figure skating gets it wrong)

The Sad, Perfect End of Kim Yuna’s Figure-Skating Reign

Thank You, Ashley Wagner: Skating Needs More Outspoken Women

Winter Olympics transforms Michael Martinez into a celebrity

Olympic figure skating medalist returns home to RI

Figure Skating Flop by U.S. Means Lost Riches as Program Falters

Russians dominate endless drama

Figure skating’s faux-nudity secrets revealed

Yuna Kim Sochi: Why Did The South Korean Figure Skater Retire?

sada wavering on retirement from competition

How to get a figure skater’s flexibility

Justice served

Shin: Yuna Kim an inspiration, win or lose

Korean broadcast asserts Yuna Kim’s gold medalist status at Sochi Olympics with cheeky subtitle

Ice queen

Olympian Jason Brown honored, thanks supporters at Highland Park High

Olympic bronze medalist Castelli receives warm welcome home, key to the city of Cranston at Schneider Arena

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