March 12 Stories

Shibutanis, Davis/White, and more

INTO THE NEXT STAGE: Go Figure — Skating Sibs’ Divergent Paths to Sochi

Screws Removed From Plushenko’s Back In Major Operation

Emirati figure skater Zahra Lari melts hearts

ABC to air figure skating specials featuring Meryl Davis, Charlie White

Adelina Sotnikova Is Skipping the World Championships, Giving Doubters More to Chew On

Injury forces Michael Martinez withdrawal

The IOC Printed Fake Quotes of Kim Yu-na Praising Adelina Sotnikova

Johnny and Tara at 30 Rock, Can’t Stop With Play-By-Play

Figure Queen Yuna Kim Officially Retires at the Ice Show in May

Local talent added to figuring skating show

In this word game, both the IOC and Yuna Kim lose

Joubert doesn’t understand what’s going on in figure skating as well as many others

Figure skating and wine’s 100-point scale

Olympic figure skating winner downgraded for world champs

Local figure skaters ready for world championships

Redlander Tammy Gambill returns from coaching Brendan Kerry at Olympics

Plano Teen Training to be Next Figure Skating Star

Figure skater Hanyu says don’t forget disaster areas

Figure Skater Plushenko Out of Hospital, Returning to Moscow

Figure skating coach dies in crash at Washington County Airport

Olympic gold medalists welcomed at state Capitol

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