November 20 Stories

Eric Bompard and more

Terror attacks in Paris; 2015 Trophée Bompard cancelled

Trophée Bompard cancelled after terror attacks

Le Cru du Jour: No one harmed in Bordeaux

Grand Prix Final with 6 or 8 competitors using only the best result for the qualification

From Carnations To Kale: The Curious History Of Figure Skating’s Flower Throwing Tradition

Scott Hamilton on figure skating, digging graves, and his crush on Kim Richards

Gracie Gold takes lead at Trophee Bompard

Scott Hamilton Returns to Ice With 7-Year-Old Son Maxx

Trophée Bompard figure skating event canceled in France

French skating President “absolutely sorry” after Paris attacks force cancellation of Grand Prix event

Trophee Eric Bompard’s cancellation leaves skaters in qualifying limbo

Dorothy Hamill Backs ‘Miracle on El Paseo’ as Honorary Chair

Danny Aiello, Nancy Kerrigan, Brian Boitano and Johnny Weir Star in Tree Lighting Skate-tacular at Bank of America Winter Village at Bryant Park

Newmarket figure skater Gabby Daleman home after ‘scary’ ordeal in France

Olympic skater Paul Wylie opens up about heart-stopping health scare

Kristi Yamaguchi, Brian Boitano and Other Skating Greats Go Undercover as Skating Novices

French cancel figure skating event after Paris terror attacks


Figure skaters get creative to cover massive costs

Former Olympic figure skater Isabelle Brasseur talks heart health in Toronto

Why Marissa Castelli And Mervin Tran’s New Pairing Could Pay Off In A Big Way

Rostelecom Cup: 9 skaters who should hold their own

How one student chose Penn over the Olympics

Sotnikova set for Cup of Russia return

No rest for Japan’s Yuzuru Hanyu

Uno left stunned by Paris terror attacks

Guignard, Fabbri show deep love for Italy on ice

Moore-Towers, Marinaro get on track in year two

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